Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for building our dream home. there are not enough words to show our appreciation for your patience and attention to detail that helps make our home special to us. There are so many great memories to be made here. Thank you for making that possible.

To Whom It May Concern:

Three years ago when my wife and I decided to build a house, our biggest concern was finding a reputable, competent builder. We had heard horror stories about the building experience that made us wonder whether it would be worth the trouble. To our surprise, building our house was not only a positive experience, but a real pleasure. This was due to our choice of builders, Michael Kerwin. We found Mike to be understanding, honest, and conscientious. We were not knowledgeable about building, and Mike walked us through the whole process, providing a real “turn-key” approach. Mike and his staff not only demonstrated their competence throughout the whole process, resulting in an exceptional product, but they were kind and understanding of our particular situation. The relationship that began with building a house, one that I went into with not a small amount of trepidation, developed into a close friendship.

Dear Mike and Laura,

We can’t quit talking about the wonderful experience of touring your beautiful projects. We admire your quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail in every square inch of your homes. Laura, I am overwhelmed with the vision you had for your home. Your design in every area is done to perfection. I have never been in a home that flowed so beautifully from one room to another! Thank you both for the time you prepared for us to come and all the time you spent with us. we really appreciate it. We get very excited to think we may live in a Kerwin build home on our farm.

At our first meeting with Mike Kerwin, we were very impressed with Mike’s professionalism and by his ability to answer all of our questions with all of the right answers. Since we were living in Michigan at the time, it was very important to us to have a builder we could trust to build our home on schedule, to use the quality of materials we wanted, and not to have to worry about the quality of workmanship going into the building of the home. We would stop in to check on the construction of our new home at least once every ten days. Not once was he disappointed with the progress that he saw. Having built a new home once before, we were very aware of some of the shortcuts taken to save the builder money or to expedite the job. We never witnessed this happening over the months it took to complete the house. Since we have moved in, not a day goes by that I don’t feel that we made the best choice possible. The workmanship and the craftsmanship that has gone into this construction has made us very proud to tell others that we own a Kerwin home. There have been times when we have had to call Mike with one thing or another, but he has always sent someone to take care of it within a day or two. No other calls were needed. His staff, from office to service, has also been great to work with.

Mike Kerwin Homes came highly recommended to us when we came to Lexington looking for a home. Now we can personally recommend this company to others.

Just wanted to say…Thanks so much for a wonderful house, and a great building experience; and a special thanks for the December 2nd closing.

Mike Kerwin Homes began construction of our new home in Andover Forest. We’ve now been here for over a year and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Before choosing a builder, we spoke with several people who have had homes built and we never heard a negative comment about Mike Kerwin Homes. We considered price, quality and service.

PRICE Price alone should not dictate which builder to choose because “you get what you pay for.” That would be a hard lesson to learn with something as important as a home. Allowances that are set too low in order to show a lower overall cost will only result in going over budget or settling for less. With our home, we were able to stay within our allowances and still get top quality flooring, cabinets, lights and kitchen appliances.

QUALITY Mike uses many of the same subcontractors on his houses. He knows they provide quality work and they know Mike expects their best. We saw several of his homes before we signed our contract and each was built with an attention to detail that would make any homeowner beam with pride. Mike told us going in that he would not build a house unless he would be proud to put his sign in the front yard.

SERVICE Mike and his staff were available to meet with us at any time; before, during and after construction. During construction, we were kept involved without being overwhelmed by the decisions that had to be made. Mike made it very easy to go through the building process. The few call-backs we’ve had have been handled promptly and to our satisfaction.

If we ever build again, there is no question; a Mike Kerwin Homes sign will be in the front yard.

As a home designer I get to work with many builders. I find working with Mike Kerwin Homes most enjoyable. Mike and Laura Kerwin know what people want, what works and what doesn’t.

If Mike is to contract out a house for a client he does not dictate the design as many builders tend to do, rather he guides the process with concerned and knowledgeable input and an eye to keep it all within budget.

We love our new house. Thanks for your quality work, your integrity, and your friendship.

When we moved to Lexington a year ago, we could not find the right house to meet our needs. We had built two houses over the last ten years and the last thing that we wanted to do was to build a third. We recalled our past building experiences when the builder became hard to work with after they had taken our initial deposit. Since every new home has slight problems after you move in, our history indicated that the builder would vanish after the closing, never to return calls again. We looked at a number of houses and finally decided on Mike Kerwin Homes due to the quality of their houses. We have been in our house a year now and we realize that our decision was the right one, due to a lot more than the initial house quality.

Mike Kerwin spent a lot of time with us planning just the right house to meet our needs. He has a wide array of plans and is willing to modify any of those plans or create a house from scratch. Once construction begins, Mike uses only the best subcontractors who were always polite and responsive to our questions and needs. Mike has a foreman, Robbie Jones, that is second to none. We can not say enough about Robbie. He is knowledgeable, friendly and is willing to go the extra mile. Both during and after our home construction, we have needed to call Robbie at his home. He is always available whether it is during the construction process or after you have moved into your house. After we moved in, they were available for any questions or problems that arose and followed up on outstanding punch list items. Our house is beautiful and we have Mike and Robbie to thank for it.

Mike and Robbie are committed to the satisfaction and well being of their customers. One example is that last year when Lexington faced the tornado winds, we had several trees fall, with one falling on our house. Due to all of the wind damage in Central Kentucky, we were going to have a hard time getting someone to remove the tree and repair the roof damage. We did not know what to do so we called Mike. Within 15 minutes he had a tree service out to our house as well as coordinated the roof repair. Although Mike Kerwin Homes had finished our house, they helped us during a very stressful situation.

We actually enjoyed building our house and we have not met many people that can say that. If we were going to build again, we would surely choose Mike Kerwin Homes. Thanks to everyone at Mike Kerwin Homes.

When we relocated to the Lexington area from Chicago six years ago, we looked at a significant number of homes old and new. We chose a new home built by Mike Kerwin. The quality and finish work of his home stood out from the other homes in our price range.

When we bought the house, we had no expectations of him as a contractor; we bought it because it was a beautiful home. The fact that he handled any situation that arose with professionalism and care was a special bonus to us. With so many builders in the marketplace, we felt fortunate to have bought a home from someone so reputable.

About a year ago we decided to build a house in the Andover golf community. We don’t think we would have ever built a house if we hadn’t met Mike. It is too great an undertaking to get involved in if you don’t have someone you can completely trust. Through the years he had gained our trust through his commitment to quality, his fairness and his sincere desire to see us happy as customers.

So when it came time to build our new home, finding a different builder was never a consideration. We’ve always shared the philosophy “when you’ve got a good thing, don’t mess with it.”

Thought we would drop you a note to thank you and your staff for all the suggestions and patience that you showed us. The process from going from an empty lot to our family home was amazing.

Being the first time that we had built a house, we were a bit nervous, but found it to be an exciting experience. Thanks for listening.

When we first walked into a Kerwin home, we knew that we had found a builder that could give us the quality that we were looking for in our new home.

We sat down with Mike and discussed our needs and our ideas and he helped us come up with the perfect floor plan which is open and airy with the master suite on the first floor.

Mike kept us involved throughout the construction, and even helped us with some changes that we wanted to make halfway through. His main objective was to make sure that we were happy with the end result. It was a pleasure working with Mike and we have ended up being close friends with him and his wife Laura.

We now have a beautiful home in Andover Forest that we love. It’s spacious, open floor plan is perfect for entertaining and for our lifestyle. We’re always happy for Mike to show our home to prospective buyers so that they can see the quality of building and the attention to detail that goes into his custom homes.

We always recommend Mike Kerwin Homes to anyone we know that might be considering building a new home.

Mike Kerwin represents the true essence of a custom home builder. From the onset Mike provided us with a sense of his integrity and commitment to excellence. Rick and I were very concerned about finding the right person who would work with us in developing the plans for our dream home and ensure that the final product would reflect what we wanted and not what the builder preferred. Before we ever signed a contract we went to several homes that he had built and talked with those individuals. Each time the same words continued to characterize Mike, “He’s honest, easy to work with, and builds nothing less than an exceptional, quality built home inside and out.” As I told Mike, “I appreciated his patience with us, valued his judgment, and loved my house so much that he could be sure that our second house would also be a “Kerwin custom built home.”

Congrats on the nice layout in Building Savvy Magazine. I always enjoy appraising your proposed construction homes and watch them develop into a showplace for the buyers!

Wow… We did it! Greg and I would like to express our appreciation for a job well done. My experience in real estate has allowed me to work for, and with many builders over the years, after interviewing with several to build our home, there was no doubt that we made the right choice. However, the great news is that we still feel that way at the end of the process. Our home is a ‘custom’ home, and I certainly consider myself a “high maintenance” customer. You went out of your way on every occasion to make this a positive experience, and we appreciate all your input and effort. One of the most important things, we as customers rely on, is accessibility to the builder. We appreciate your ‘hands on’ commitment, and immediate response to all our calls and concerns throughout the process. We love our new home, and with you the best in all your endeavors. Thank you!

My husband and I had just purchased an older home and were looking for someone to come in to update the house and finish our basement as well as add a few amenities which are missing in an older home. We had enough confidence in Mike that we gave him full control over the project. We were never disappointed, and Mike certainly exceeded our expectations in quality, timeliness and cost. I never knew that our home had the potential to be such a showplace. Mike’s wife, Laura, helped me complete the decorating to help tie the total project together and give our home the ambiance we were looking for.

Dear Mike:

Just a note to acknowledge and say thanks for your support and assistance since we bought your house at 1320 Wakehurst last year.

After nearly a year here, we can attest to the good quality of your construction. Your personal, professional help has also been great.

Each time I have called for assistance or guidance, you have really come through. Thanks to you and the competent folks you have recommended, we now have a great home entertainment center, modified kitchen cabinets, new appliances installed, and dry wall work completed!

I can only imagine the problems and concerns you deal with daily, yet you have managed to find time to stand behind your product and be a friend as well. Sandra and I thought a hearty “Thank You!” was in order.

In meeting with Mike Kerwin of Mike Kerwin Homes, and seeing his work, we knew we had made the right choice.

Chosen for his outstanding reputation and attention to detail, Mike not only completed our house in a timely manner, as promised, he did so with such thoroughly superb workmanship.

Mike took our ideas and designed a beautiful home that has fulfilled all our needs.

I wanted to purposefully write and express my appreciation for your involvement in the building of our home.

From the first day to the last day I was at peace and convinced that you and only you were the right builder to have been selected. As you know there are horror stories when it comes to building. Our experience was a wonderful experience and not without challenges that come with building and transitioning from a home of 24 years. But at every turn you were fair, helpful, honest and most of all you delivered. Not many homes are built in 7 months.

Thank you so much for building us such a beautiful home. We absolutely love it. It was a pleasure to do business with you. You have been a great help to us in this ‘home building’ process, and your work / our house is amazing. Great quality. Your staff, Mary, Robbie, Kevin and your sub contractors are all top notch. Good luck to you in the future. We wish you many beautiful homes to build. Thanks again.

Mike, thank you so very much for the blueprints of our home. We receive many, many, compliments on the construction and quality of our house. We are proud and delighted to say—– it was built by Mike Kerwin. Thanks again.

Holly and I are very happy with our new home. You guys all did a great job and it has been a lot of fun working with you. I think you are one of the few builders around that actually answers his cell phone when the customer calls (on a daily basis). I will certainly give you a positive recommendation to any prospective future clients.